Oral Presentation

Guidelines for Abstract Preparation and Submission for Oral Presentation

  • Abstract should be sent as a MS Word document in A4 sizeand should include the title (Times New Roman, Font size -14, Bold, First letter of each word in capital), author’s name, designation, institution (Times New Roman, Font size -12, name of presenting author to be underlined) and the content in brief. It should be sent through E-mail and Hard copy both. The abstract should be limited to 300 words and should be designed as introduction, aims and objectives, materials and method, results and conclusion. (Times New Roman, Font size -12)
  • Last date of submission of abstract is 30thSEPTEMBER 2022
  •  ORAL PRESENTATIONS –Time allotted is 7 minutes with additional 3 minutes for discussion. LCD projector will be provided. For LCD presentation bring CDs/Pen drives. Presentation should be in MS Powerpoint, 2007 or 2013 format. It is recommended to carry a back up.

    The scientific papers for oral presentations will be covered under the following headings –

    1. Gross Anatomy, Applied Anatomy, Forensic Anatomy, Anthropology
    2. Growth and Development, Teratology, Embryology
    3. Imaging, Museum, Embalming techniques & Body Donation
    4. Genetics, Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology
    5. Histology, Histochemistry, Cytology and Immunology
    6. Neuroanatomy and Endocrinology
    7. Medical Education